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Stainless Steel Flange Nuts

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SS Flange Nuts have a wide flange at one end of the nut, which acts as an integrated washer. By definition, a flange could either be an external or an internal ridge or rim that has been added to provide strength and acts as an attachment to another object. The pressure that occurs over the part of the SS Flange Nuts being secured is distributed, which in turn reduces the chance of damage to the nut. Stainless Steel Flange Nuts are specifically used for applications that require a locking mechanism. The nuts are angled in such a way that prevents the nut from rotating in the direction that would cause the nut to loosen. It presents on the nuts aid in preventing the vibration, which causes the nut to move away from the fastener. Thus, Stainless Steel Flange Nuts are known to maintain the holding power of nut. Since these nuts can’t be used with a washer, care must be taken that the surface does not get scratched.