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Product Detail

Machine Screws


  • Bright finishing
  • Genuine grade
  • Good aesthetics look
  • Without Burr
  • Accurate cross recesses
  • Easy tightening


  • Slotted CSK Screw as per DIN 963
  • Slotted Cheese Head Screw as per DIN 84
  • Slotted Pan Head Screws as per DIN 85
  • Phillips Pan Head Screw as per  DIN 7985
  • Phillips CSK Head Screw as per DIN 965

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We are a manufacturer of Machine Screws. Slotted and Phillips Head Screws, Phillips Head Machine Screws, and Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws are among the screws we offer for fixing or fitting various products. A screw's primary function is to hold various materials together, including wood, plastic, and metal. Our clients receive these at market-leading prices.